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Fair Pens are available in many different styles, types, and sizes. Pens can be made with 4″x4″  or 2″x4″ wire mesh sides, vertical bar, or horizontal bar sides. Let us know your needs, we will custom build. If you need help designing your fair and show pens to fit an area we can help you. Give us a call!

4"x4" wire Portable Panels
4"x4" wire Portable Panels
Vertical Bar Panels
Vertical Bar Panels
Horizontal Bar Panels

Fair Pen Set up with 5′ X 5′ Sized Stalls: using Panels with 4″ X 4″ 6 gauge wire mesh for sides. The top of the Bow Gate is ideal for farms to hang banners or advertising on.

Example Drawings showing how panels are used to build fair/show pens.

20 total pens back to back. 5ft x 5ft stall size. Panels needed for this set up = 20) 5ft Bow Gates11) 10ft Panels (with added center pockets)10) 5ft Panels. Panels can be wire mesh, Horizontal Bar, or Vertical Bar.  

10 Side Connecting Free Standing pens
10 Side Connecting pens using existing walls, and wall pockets to connect to walls
Large Size set up using side walls as pen backs, and back to back pens down center alley. Using double pockets on regular panels instead of bow gates.