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No extra charge to choose any color from the color chart.

Exercise Chariots for goats and sheep

Available in 2 head, 3 head, 4 head, 5 head, and 6 head sizes

Powder Coated your color choice from chart. Available in 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 head piece sizes to suit your needs.
(#char2) 2 head piece Chariot (40lbs) = $ 432.00       (#char3) 3 head piece Chariot (60lbs) = $490.00
(#char4) 4 head piece Chariot
 (90 lbs) = $516.00           (#char5) 5 head piece Chariot (110lbs) = $591.00   
                             (#char6) 6 head piece Chariot
 (130lbs) = $671.00

4 head chariot Dimensions: Base: 18″ tall, 17″ wide, 50″ length. Ground to top of head piece 24″
6.5 ” from ground to floor  – Head pieces will extend 18″ to 24″  – 10″ 
‘No Flat’ Tires

brackets included for reversing head pieces. You can also exercise animals with all 4 feet on the ground when tongue and head pieces are reversed.

“Goat Butler” Fitting Stand on Wheels

Item # (BUTLER)-GOAT BUTLER -Grooming or Fitting Adjustable Cart Stand on Wheels
Price: $ 1,029.00

The goat butler is made with heavy duty materials and weights about 170lbs. 10″ flat free tires. Sealed ball bearing rollers and pulleys for easy, long lasting use. 800lb. brake winch (which means you can crank it up or down) the winch will not “free wheel” for safety. The deck raises 30″ (35″ from ground). Removable side panels. 400lb weight capacity. Deck 7″ from ground when lowered. Platform size 19″ x 45″. Powder coated in your color choice from chart.

#FS- Fitting Stand with Ramp and Wheels $ 361.00

All fitting stands come standard with ramp, side panels and standard head piece with
plastic chain, and no flat tires. The floor is 23″ tall. The deck is 48″ long and 19 1/2″ wide
. The Fitting
stand comes with a standard head piece pictured.

ADD a Extra Stanchion Head Piece shown above attached to fitting stand. (usually for milking). Just
remove regular head piece and replace with the Stanchion Head Piece when needed.
ADD on Item  #FSHP – Extra Stanchion Head piece = $ 106.00

Pack Mule

‘Pack Mule’ Item #MULE  -Price:  $390.00
The Pack Mule is made similar to the Goat Butler, but has no lift, winch, or cables, and no brake. 10″ flat free tires. It does have the swivel tongue and side rails and it’s the same size as the Butler. It’s primary function is just a wagon to haul ‘stuff’ like hay, grain, water, show supplies, etc., but it also has a removable head piece so you can tote an animal if desired and move it to another location. Or work and groom the animal if no lift is needed to do so. A very handy way to restrain or move an animal when a job needs to be done. Weight capacity 300 lbs. The Pack Mule weighs 75lb

ADD ON: Add a Brake to the Pack Mule  +$ 69.00

# SR4.F  – 4 HEAD  –  SHOW RAIL with elevated Floor (pictured)

$ 664.00

Show Rail breaks down for transport. Front bow 6 1/2 ft tall, 2ft. tall x 4ft deep side rails-  Deck Floor height 7″ off ground, (4-6) Head pieces. Head pieces will adjust up and down, and  rail clamp that head pieces fit into, will adjusted side to side.

Item numberProductSizePrice
#SR44 Head Show Rail60″ wide (no Floor) $             541.00
#SR4.F4 Head Show Rail60″ wide With Elevated Floor $             664.00
#SR55 Head Show Rail74″ wide (no Floor) $             615.00
# SR5.F5 Head Show Rail74″ wide With Elevated Floor $             738.00
# SR66 Head Show Rail86″ wide (no Floor) $             714.00
# SR6.F6 Head Show Rail86″ wide With Elevated Floor $             851.00
#SRHPExtra Head Piece and Sleeve  $               74.00